“There are no rules here apart from one—deliciousness.”

George Calombaris

Fine dining, reimagined

In 2013, a decision was made to relaunch The Press Club for a more intimate and relaxed experience. Moving next door, and replaced by what is now Gazi, The Press Club of today is home to just 10 booths and a decidedly different atmosphere to its original.

Whilst the interior has changed the core has remained: paying homage to classic Hellenic dishes with an ever evolving menu that combines old-world ingredients with new techniques to give you a dining experience unlike any other in the world.

Uncompromising, Creative

For a long time in Australia, Hellenism wasn’t properly represented outside the home. Everyone seemed to have a Greek cousin, friend or neighbour who cooked unbelievable food for them, but sadly, the same story wasn’t shared outside of the home.

One day, the penny dropped for founder George Calombaris. He would take the same uncompromising attitude learnt during his early years in kitchens—the discipline to never sit still or settle—and transpose it to Hellenic food.

In 2006, The Press Club was born.

Beautiful, Authentic

Our ambition was, and still is, to create a really good Greek restaurant that does justice to the beauty, authenticity and flavours of Modern Greece. A place that could proudly serve some of the finest Hellenic food in the world, without a ceiling fishnet or cheap wine in sight.

When we opened we wanted to welcome as many Greek and non-Greek as possible through our doors to challenge and redefine their expectations of modern Hellenism. Years later, we feel the same.

We appreciate everything these organisations do for others, which is why we are proud to sponsor: