“I don’t follow recipes, I cook from the heart. It isn’t about structured formats, it’s about passion, love and dedication, but ultimately food is a celebration that brings people together.”

Chef George Calombaris is well-known amongst Melburnians, notoriously remembered for pushing culinary boundaries at his previous positions at restaurants Fenix and Reserve and known from his public persona on ‘Ready, Steady Cook’.  His enthusiasm and excitement about the food that he cooks is infectious.  At The Press Club, George is moving away from his audacious past and reinventing himself as a leader of the global revival of Hellenic food and culture.

George’s larger than life personality makes him one of the most popular chefs on ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ and this personality radiates from the open kitchen at The Press Club.  With George, what you see is what you get.  He personally welcomes guests into the Restaurant with a huge smile and is on hand most of the time to answer questions and meet people.  George loves talking about food and and is keen to share his inspiration with all of our guests.